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Configuration Package Export


Configuration Packaging versioning, export to package, and other actions overview.

Before exporting the Configuration Project to a package, consider applying the Adjust Scripts Order action if you have any manually added items or manually edited order of the items in the Configuration Project.


The version is necessary for tracking progress in the package development. The current version is assigned for each change of the object or entity of the package automatically and depends on the current version of the package.

By default, the project and all changes are created with version 1.0

The package minor version or major version can be increased with the Export to Package action:


Changing the default package version from 1.0 to 1.1

Version changes have an impact on schema script optimization logic.

Export to Package

Export to Package action is available from the Configuration Project preview page. The action allows you to optionally increase the version of the package and download an archive that is ready for installation. 

The exported package includes the following files:

  • Package.json: a descriptor of the package with the basic information that is used during installation/uninstallation of the Configuration Project on another environment. It includes the unique identifier of the package (ID), vendor taken from the current certificate of the Matrix42 system, name of the package, description, version, and setup directives:
  "Id": "e11c11c1-1a22-c333-4d44-05d55a55c55b",
  "Vendor": "matrix42 AG",
  "Name": "HR Portal",
  "Description": "<p>HR process management app</p>",
  "Version": "1.0",
  "LastUpdatedDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
  "SetupDirectives": {
    "MaintenanceMode": false,
    "RecycleWebApplication": false,
    "RestartM42WindowsServices": false

For more details and additional parameters description see package.json content page. 

  • Schema script files: a set of files that contain the actual changes that are applied to the system by the project install;
  • Install.xml: a set of changes and schema scripts order in which they will be applied during the package installation process;
  • Uninstall.xml, Uninstall_data.xml: a set of changes and schema scripts order in which they will be applied during the package uninstallation process;

Other Actions

  • Delete: Delete the Configuration Project and selected objects. The changes in the Schema, Layouts, Objects, and other items that were created or changed within the Configuration Project remain in the system intact. 
  • Export: Export the Configuration Project data in a file. 
  • History: View the history of all the Configuration Project related transactions. You can filter the transactions by date, attribute, user and/or transaction type. 
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