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What is Intune Data Provider


Microsoft Endpoint Management (Intune) is a cloud service that provides device and application management. The Intune data provider integrates Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management with this solution. This add-on can be installed from Matrix42 Extension Gallery.

Version 3.0 is an upgrade of the previous version and has improved functionality and new features.


There are three prerequisites for using this data provider:
1. This add-on requires that the Generic Inventory Data Provider add-on is installed as well. If you have not installed it earlier, it will be installed automatically when installing the Intune Data Provider add-on.
2. Valid license certificate "Matrix42 AG - DWP - M42IntuneDataProvider" is deployed to the Matrix42 application server.
3. To use this add-on successfully, you will also need to configure the authorization settings on the portal and then create a service connection object in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

Update from previous versions

If you have any previous version of the Intune add-on installed, you can perform an update to version 3.0. After the update, you will need to delete devices that have been imported earlier and create a data provider configuration from scratch.

Keep in mind that the Intune 3.0 is compatible with Enterprise Service Management version 11.0.0 and higher.

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