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Release Notes for Azure Hybrid Benefit

Azure Hybrid Benefit 1.14.3322

The extension is implemented using the service connection and Generic Inventory features

The extension is developed using a service connection to the Azure Hybrid Benefit service. It is based on the Generic Inventory Data Provider extension.

Import of virtual machines

When executed, the data provider connects to Azure and retrieves the data about virtual machines and usage of Hybrid Use Benefits by these machines. The data provider imports only virtual machines with Windows Server OS.

Import of SKUs

The data provider creates new stock keeping units if no match has been found in the database.

Compliance of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server

Using the imported data, the system determines the number of vCores and OS instances that use Azure Hybrid Benefits and compares them with the number of vCores and OS instances from licenses that are available for Azure Hybrid Benefits. 

For the compliance of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server, the system takes into account only licenses of specific software products imported by License Intelligence Service.

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