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Getting started with Data Protection SaaS

ID: 19061801
Languages: EN, DE
Components: EgoSecure Console, EgoSecure Agents
Operating system: Windows

EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS Setup

To set up EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS, you need the following data:

  • EgoSecureConsole.exe or EgoSecureConsoleWin32.exe
  • Authentication certificate for the Console including password
  • Password for the Client authentication certificate
  • Access data for the EgoSecure Server, EgoSecure login

Certificates, passwords and login data are included into the Welcome Package.

Download the EgoSecure Console on the Matrix42 Marketplace (login required).

Starting Console

  1. Import the Console certificate for the current Windows user. Instruction
  2. Start the file EgoSecureConsole.exe or EgoSecureConsoleWin32.exe.
    ⇒ The Console login dialog appears.
  3. Enter the Server connection data in the Server and Port fields.
  4. Click on the lock in the Server field.


    ⇒ The dialog where you need to select the certificate appears. 
  5. Click OK to confirm.
    ⇒ The lock in the Server field becomes green.
  6. Enable the Use EgoSecure authentication check box.
  7. Enter the login data you received.
  8. Click OK.

⇒ The Console is now ready to use. The Welcome dialog with first steps opens.

⇒ If you use the Azure AD directory service, you can now set it up in the Console. For details, see: HowTo: Setting up Azure AD in EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS 

Installing EgoSecure Agent client component

  1. In the Console, navigate to Installation | EgoSecure agents | Create MSI package.
  2. In the Path to the MSI package area, enable the Other destination radio button and click browse.png to select location for the MSI package on the computer.
  3. In the Settings of MSI package area, enable the Add authentication certificate option and enter the password for the Client certificate.
  4. Specify other settings, if necessary.
  5. Click Generate.

    generate msi.png
  6. Install the MSI package:
    - locally on the Client: the authentication certificate is imported automatically. Enter the password during the installation.
    - via software distribution or group policy: the authentication certificate is imported automatically. Transfer the certificate password via the following script parameter: PKCS12_PASS ="mypassword"

⇒ EgoSecure Agent is now installed and connected to the EgoSecure Server. The Client computer and the user logged on to Agent appears in Console under User management/Computer management. You can now activate products and manage rights.

In the EgoSecure Console - Quick Start Guide you can find information about the following steps:

  • Activating products for users and computers
  • Adjusting client settings
  • Configuring default rights

Other documents and manuals you can find here: Documents and manuals

Sending E-Mails

We provide a pre-configured SMTP Server with your Installation so you could start sending mails right away with you EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS solution. You can change this configuration at any time and replace it with your own SMTP Server if available from the internet.

We recommend to change the pre-configured SMTP Server to your own when you are using EgoSecure Data Protection SaaS productively. With the default SMTP Server provided by Matrix42 you cannot change the Sender E-Mail address which must end with, otherwise E-Mails will be rejected. You are also not able to change SMTP related settings or will be able to see logs, activity etc.

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