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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center (Main Release)

For details about system requirements, see the article Software and hardware requirements.

For details about installation and update setup, see the article Installation and Update.

Access Control


  • Added a configurable list of user SIDs excluded from processing on the Agent side.
  • Now devices that get into the database have volume id regardless of how they got there: through Audit or through Inventory.
  • Optimizations for Permitted devices » Removable devices: Devices database is now set as default; offline Agents can now be hidden; computers can be multi selected in the Add new device - Devices database dialog.
  • An issue with the copying to an external hard disk, when the process froze and could only be aborted.
  • An issue where devices were missing in the Devices database or could not be added sometimes.

Application Control


  • An issue where it was not possible to delete an application from a package or to add it.


  • Now the currently logged in Windows user name is shown along with the Supervisor name in Revision.
  • The tabs not available to a user are now not displayed in search results.
  • Minor improvements for the Compress log files dialog.
  • Discontinued the support of the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages.
  • Improved the displaying of information about data archiving/deleting by tenants.
  • LDAP settings are now only accessible if LDAP is added under Domain controllers. Otherwise the LDAP settings tab is not displayed.
  • Improvements for data export to PDF and CSV.
  • Full support of keyboard shortcuts.
  • An issue with incorrect messages in case of faulty console login.
  • The performance problem when there were many encryption groups under Product Settings » Encryption » Group Management.
  • An issue where newly (re)synced objects from AD were not found in search result immediately.
  • An issue where the system hung when scanning .exe files on the network by DLP and Antivirus.
  • An issue where the Console exported CSV-files that contained a space character after each semicolon.

EgoSecure Agent

  • Now read access is restricted for Agent to directories with EgoSecure log files only.
  • The option Reset used for a keyboard under Access Control » Connected devices was renamed to Modify access.
  • Keyboard accessibility improvements.
  • Improved the EgoSecure Agent tray displaying on monitors with high DPI.
  • An issue where the Agent notification port was not opened in the domain profile of the Firewall.
  • An issue where Agent (working with WMI) consumed more and more memory until the server machine crashed.
  • An issue where access to portable devices was blocked by EgoSecure Agent in Citrix environment.
  • An issue where the log level was specified incorrectly in the log of the Agent.
  • An issue with the Agent default language after the installation.
  • An issue where EgoSecure Agent triggered a high CPU load on the system by multiple network logins.

EgoSecure Antivirus

  • Revision for Antivirus was improved: now changing of AV profile and enabling\disabling of scheduled tasks is recorded under Computer management » Antivirus » Revision.
  • Under Reports » General » Revision for the EgoSecure Antivirus (Scheduler) event the new category "Global" was added so that administrator can see if the created task is global or not.
  • An issue where scan profile settings were not applied on the Agent side.
  • An issue where AV exclusions were not written to the MSI package.
  • A problem where the message "EgoSecure Antivirus is out of date" mistakenly appeared after reinstalling Antivirus.


  • Now the list of files in the folder is displayed in Cryption Informer.

Full Disk Encryption

  • Optimized the number of requests from Console to Server when working within Product settings » FDE » Configuration profiles.
  • FDE and PBA data security improvements.
  • The disk encryption in Console without an ERI password configured is not available anymore.
  • Now if the drive is encrypted by FDE, it is not possible to encrypt it by BitLocker via Console.
  • An issue where the Console displayed errors after the FDE uninstallation.

Insight Analysis

  • Added the reason "Encryption" to the chart "Reason" under Insight Analysis » Audit » Blocked access.

IntellAct Automation

  • An issue where empty Avira "Threat found” notifications were sent.


  • Database was updated to improve the performance of Application Inventory (MSQL, MySQL, Azure).

Network Share Encryption

  • Added the display support for path length more than 256 characters.
  • An issue where it was forbidden to move the subfolders of an encrypted folder.
  • An issue where a network share could not be decrypted via Console in case it had been assigned for encryption to the default user or group.
  • An issue where it was not possible to add a mapped network share in Console under User management » Encryption » Network share.

Permanent Encryption

  • Common improvements of certificate encryption and signing.

Removable Device Encryption

  • An issue where files encrypted with attributes were not visible in Console when user had no rights in Explorer to see such files.


  • An issue where column sorting did not work in Reports » General » Agents state.

Secure Audit

  • The reason "Encryption" is now displayed under Audit » Blocked access in cases when the access was denied because of encryption.

Secure Erase

  • An issue where the Empty Recycle Bin securely option was absent in the context menu.


  • Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 support.
  • EgoSecure Server and Cloud-Connect Server setups updated.
  • Now the Service Bus configuration area is hidden in AdminTool if Service Bus Adapter is not installed.
  • Now Service Bus Adapter can be installed together with EgoSecure Server.
  • XML import: A new value 'inherit' (instead of attribute 'inheritSettings') was added additionally to 0 and 1 values for attributes of client/user settings. This new parameter has the highest priority and does not apply for default rights.
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