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Patch Catalog Log Files

All log files of the Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM can be found in the user directory under:

"C:\Users\{currentuser}\Matrix42\Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM\"

This directory contains the log files and all files required by the add-on for SCCM, including the complete catalog, the configuration file (Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM.config) and the license file (KeyData).

If you want to uninstall the add-on under Program Files on the Server, you must delete this directory manually!
This directory is created for each user who launches the SCCM console and uses the patch catalog!

The name of the log file where all error messages are written when the patch catalog is started and configured is "Patch Catalog.log". It is saved in the cmtrace format!

The "AutoPublish.log" is another log file, which is generated when patches are being downloaded and published. It contains all important events occurring during this action.

Overview of other important locations of log files:

SCCM Server

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs
    • Most useful log(s) for troubleshooting with the Matrix42 patch:
      • wsyncmgr.log - WSUS synchronization events
    • Contains all logs relating to SCCM operations
    • C:\Users\*SCCM-Admin*\Matrix42\Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM
      • Contains logs as well as data files/binaries used by the Shavlik patch plug-in.
        • Logs include the following:
          • AutoPublish.log - contains logging information on the publication process.
          • Patch Catalog.log - contains logging information on the Matrix42 Patch Catalog.


  • If difficulties occur during the deployment of dependent patches (Java or Apple), it may be helpful to check the following:
    • C:\ProgramData\Matrix42\Installation
      • Contains files relating to the deployment of dependent patches (Java, Apple). Please collect and zip all relevant files in this folder.
      • Please note: This folder is cleaned automatically after 30 days.
    • C:\Windows
      • WindowsUpdate.log

The table below may be helpful to understand which log(s) are most useful for specific workflows:

Workflow Actions

M42 Patch UI Actions

M42 Patch UI Result

File Location

Log File

User log-in SCCM UI - Software Library - Software Updates - M42 Patch Catalog M42 patch loads data C:\Users\{currentuser}\Matrix42\Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM\ Patch Catalog.log
Publication Select M42 patch and press "Publish" button A message is displayed that the action has been performed successfully C:\Users\{currentuser}\Matrix42\Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM\


Patch Catalog.log


WSUS Server:

\\localhost\UpdateServicesPackages\GUID_unique ID

Unique GUID
Sync of published patches to WSUS Press "Synchronization" button Message is displayed for the user

SCCM console:

C:\Users\{currentuser}\Matrix42\Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM\

Patch Catalog.log

SCCM server:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs

Patch distribution SCCM UI - Software Library - Software Updates - All Software Updates Distributable patches are available \\SCCM Server\C:\Program Files\Update Services\LogFile SoftwareDistribution.log
Patching client machine Open the Configuration Manager on the client Start Machine Policy action    
    Start distribution \\Client\C:\Windows WindowsUpdate.log
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