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Azure AD Integration V: Windows Store for Business


The Microsoft Store for Business has been discontinued by Microsoft. Since January 2024, the private store tab and associated functionality was removed from the Microsoft Store for Business and Education portal. This includes the ability to add apps to private groups and to download and install apps from the private store. With this change, the functionalities described in this document are no longer possible and we will remove the functionalities in a future version of Silverback. You can continue to distribute applications via the App Portal or the Unified Endpoint Management Agent as usual.

Windows Store for Business lets you as an Administrator find and purchase suitable applications for your organization. Silverback will synchronize purchased applications with the Microsoft Store for Business and let's you assign the applications with the Silverback Management Console. Applications will be assigned based on the enrollment username, which must be in Silverback the same as the User Principal Name in Azure Active Directory. Purchased and assigned applications will be available on the Microsoft App Store at your users managed Windows 10 devices, after they login with their Azure Active Directory credentials.

Store for Business

  • Open
  • Press Sign in and login with your Administrator Credentials
  • Click Manage
  • Select Settings
  • Navigate to Distribute
  • Click + Add management tool 
  • Search for your the given name of your Silverback application
    • You can review the name in Azure Active Directory under Mobility (MDM and MAM)
  • Select your application
  • Press Add
  • Press Activate 


  • Open your Silverback Management Console
  • Login as Administrator
  • Navigate to Admin
  • Click Azure Active Directory
    • Ensure that your Mobility (MDM and MAM) settings are correct
  • Select Windows Store for Business
    • Enter a synchronization period for importing applications 
    • e.g. 60
  • Press Save
  • Press Refresh

Open Logs

Check App Portal

  • Navigate back to your Silverback Management Console
  • Click App Portal
  • Select Windows
  • Your Applications will appear here as Type Business

Buy Application

  • Navigate back to your Microsoft Store for Business
  • If you are still in the Manage section click now Show for my group 
  • Search the store for an application
    • e.g. Slack
  • Select the application
  • Press Get the app
  • Confirm and press close
  • Navigate back to Manage
  • Select Products & services
  • Review your previous order(s) 

Synchronize Silverback

  • Navigate back to your Silverback Management Console
  • Navigate to Admin
  • Select Windows Store for Business
  • Press Refresh

App Portal

  • Navigate to the App Portal
  • Your previously bought application should be visible
  • Press somewhere in the Line of the application and review the pop-up
  • Press Close

Create a Tag

  • Navigate to Tags
  • Click New Tag
    • Enter a Name
      • e.g. Windows 10 Store for Business
    • Enable Apps
    • Enable Windows
  • Press Save
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Select Assign More Apps
  • Select your previously imported application
    • e.g. Slack
  • Press Add Selected Apps

Enroll a Device

Please note that the application assigning is based on the User Principal Name. When you use the Legacy Management, ensure that the User Name matches the User Principal Name of your Azure Active Directory Identity and that you are logged into the Windows Store.  For Autopilot and Azure AD the User Principal Name will be used by default for the enrollment and the user is automatically logged into the Windows Store. 

Assign the Tag 

  • Navigate back to your Silverback Management Console
  • Click Devices
  • Identify your previously enrolled devices
  • Under Actions, press Tag
  • Select Windows 10 Store for Business Tag
  • Press Save

Next Steps

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