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Initial Deployment of the Windows Software Management Agent (Empirum) SaaS

This Article covers first steps in your Matrix42 Client Management (Empirum) SaaS solution and links to the documentation on different topics. Matrix42 Client Management (Empirum) SaaS is part of Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management.


This article describes the required steps to download and initially deploy the Windows UEM Agent. The UEM Agent provide extensive software deployment options and an intuitive user interface. It requires the use of Empirum as software deployment solution.

Alternatively the UEM Agent can be deployed via Silverback. See the online documentation.

The update of the Windows UEM Agent is performed via the Auto Update feauture of Empirum. Please see the UEM Agent documentation for further information about updating the agent.

Matrix42 also offers agent components for macOS and Linux operating systems. For the supported operating systems, please refer to the online help in the "Installation" and "Configuration" sections.

UEM Agent download and deployment

The download is performed from the Unifed Endpoint Management (UEM) App where the Agent Configurations are listed. It is also possible to download the UEM Agent from the Matrix42 Marketplace.

  1. Log in to your SaaS-Server with a user which is part of the role "UEM Object Library Manager" or "Administrators"
  2. Open the Unifed Endpoint Management App in the App chooser.
  3. Navigate to Agent Configurations -> Agent Templates.
  4. Select the entry "Cloud HTTPS".
  5. On the preview page select the action "UEM Agent Deployment".
  6. The dialog presents a download button and shows the currently available version. Click on the button "UEM Agent xxxx.xx.x Standard Feature Release". This downloads the MSI file to the downloads folder.
  7. Click on "Configuration".
  8. The dialog presents the required configuration information based on the previously selected Agent Template. This configuration information can be used for either manually install the UEM Agent MSI or integrate it in any existing software deployment tool which can handle MSI installations.

Integration Options

The MSI package does not contain .NET components. See the UEM Agent System Requirements for more information.

Group policy or login script 

Installation of the MSI package via group policy or via log-in script

Example call:

msiexec.exe /i "Matrix42 UEM Agent 2108.1.2 Standard Feature Release Setup 64bit.MSI" SERVER="MyServer" USER="MyUser" PASSWORD="85FC516FCF3ACB0A60E09C4D3CB" PROTOCOL="https" PORT="443"

In the following KB article you can find how the MSI package can be deployed via group policy:

It is also possible to install the UEM Agent via log-in script using the MSI packages.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

See the dedicated how-to in the Matrix42 Know-how center.