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UEM Agent Windows deployment via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)


This document describes the required steps to deploy the Matrix42 UEM Agent via the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. To deploy the Matrix42 Agent on Windows computers via Endpoint Manager a Windows App of the type Win32 needs to be created in the Endpoint Manager. This app will contain the UEM Agent MSI prepared for deployment via the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool and the required parameters and settings.


  • A Windows 10 or 11 computer to prepare the App.
  • The UEM Agent Windows - The UEM Agent Windows MSI can be obtained from the Matrix42 Marketplace or via the “Download UEM Agent” Action in the UUX for UEM App when selecting the desired Agent Configuration.
  • The configuration parameters which will be used from the UEM Agent to access the Empirum server. They are presented when using the “Download UEM Agent” Action
  • or be obtained from the Agent Template on the Empirum server.
  • The Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool – The tool can be downloaded from Github.
  • Access to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal.

Prepare the UEM Agent Windows MSI as a Win32 Intune App

  1. Logon to a Windows 10/11 computer.
  2. Download the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool from GitHub.
  3. Create a folder c:\Packaging and copy the downloaded IntuneWinAppUtil.exe into this folder.
  4. Create the folders c:\Packaging\UEM and c:\Packaging\Intune
  5. Download the latest UEM Agent from the Marketplace and extract the archive.
  6. Copy the UEM Agent MSI from the archive to c:\Packaging\UEM
  7. Open a command line (cmd) window.
  8. Enter CD c:\Packaging
  9. Enter ab using the name of the downloaded MSI file and hit enter: “IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c UEM -s "Matrix42 UEM Agent 2210.1.2 Standard Feature Release Setup 64bit.msi" -o Intune
  10. The command line tool should end with INFO DONE
  11. In the folder c:\Packaging\UEM and c:\Packaging\Intune is now a file which can be imported into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal. “Matrix42 UEM Agent 2210.1.2 Standard Feature Release Setup 64bit.intunewin”

Create a Win32 App in MS Endpoint Manager

  1. Logon to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal and navigate to “Apps” -> “Windows”
  2. Click “+ Add”
  3. Select ”Windows app (Win32)” from the list of application types and click “Select”
  4. Click “Select app package file” and choose the file “Matrix42 UEM Agent 2210.1.2 Standard Feature Release Setup 64bit.intunewin”.
  5. Click “OK”
  6. In the “App information” tab enter:
    1. “Matrix42” as publisher name.
    2. Select “Computer Management” as Category.Click “Select Image” and choose the UEM Agent icon “UEM Agent Windows.ico” from the extracted download. I.e. \UEM_Agent_2210.1.2 Standard Feature Release\Empirum\Configurator\PackageStore\{53A01A73-CDC0-4256-87A2-092FAFE936B4}\Data\Install
    3. Add additional information as desired.
  7. Click “Next”
  8. In the “Program” tab enter:
    1. Add the required configuration to the “Install command”.
    2.  Example: /l*v "c:\Windows\Temp\UEMAgentMSI.log" Server="" User="dom\User"  Password="AAB736ECC07166E1A46C28BC1F525012F6AA60EB1CCDB17C65749D2D2265E85626D5843AE71E2724F92DCE870FD5E11DE5E90EE42219D721"   Protocol="https" Port="443"
    3. The complete Install command will look like this:
    4. msiexec /i "Matrix42 UEM Agent 2210.1.2 Standard Feature Release Setup 64bit.msi" /quiet /l*v "c:\Windows\Temp\UEMAgentMSI.log" Server="" User="Dom\User" Password="AAB736ECCC7166E1A46C28BC1F525012F6AA60EB1CCDB17C65749D2D2265E85626D5843AE71E2724F92DCE870FD5E11DE5E90EE42219D721" Protocol="https" Port="443"
    5. Leave the other parameters as they are.
  9. Click “Next”
  10. In the “Requirement” tab enter:
    1. Select “64-bit” as Operating system architecture
    2. Select the “Minimum operating system” according to the UEM Agent system requirements
    3. Enter “500” in “Disk space required (MB)”
    4. Leave the other parameters as they are.
  11. Click “Next”
  12. In the “Detection rules” tab enter:
    1. Select “Manually configure detection rules”.
    2. Select “+ Add”
    3. Select Registry
    4. Enter “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\matrix42\Agent” as Key path
    5. This is required because the MSI product key would be removed when using the Empirum UEM Agent auto update later and results in a reinstall of the older agent.
    6. Leave the other parameters as they are.
  13. Click “Ok”
  14. Click “Next”
  15. Do not enter “Dependencies”
  16. Click “Next”
  17. Do not enter “Supersedence”
  18. Click “Next”
  19. In the “Assignments” tab choose the correct groups where the UEM Agent Windows should be deployed on. We recommend to start with a test group first.
  20. Click “Next”
  21. Review in the summary your settings in the “Review + Summary” tab.
  22. Click “Create”

Additional Information

Additional information can be found in the Microsoft online help.
Deploy the UEM Agent via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)
The deployment will be performed based on the assigned groups to computers which are part of the group.
Updating the UEM Agent
The update should be performed using the automated update functionality of UEM Agent. Details are described in the online help.