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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Installation & Update Guide

The installation and the update are not different in the execution and are therefore not listed separately.

System Requirements

  1. To install the UEM Console, the target system requires the installation and configuration of Service Management (Version 9.1.0) of Matrix42.
  2. For the system requirements for installing the console, please refer to the system requirements of Service Management.


Please always read the included Readme.txt.

  1. Download the current Customizing Installer package from the Matrix42 Marketplace.
  2. When installing the UEM Console the resulted PowerShell execution policy on the Server needs to be set temporarily to “Unrestricted” for the installation.
  3. Please read the included Readme.txt file and follow the instructions. 


Uninstallation of the UEM Console is currently not supported - The App can be hidden by removing the users from the role "Unified Endpoint Management"


Here you can find additional informations about the Empirum API.

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