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Release Notes SDDM v4.6.0


SDDM v4.6.0 is a feature, bug fix, and performance release, wherein the graphing library has been replaced, a new Service Topology Map has been added, and security updates related to log4j hot fixes are brought into the main build.

New Features & Updates

SDDM - 4.6.0

New Features

  • Explore > Configuration Item > Service Topology
    • View a CI's memberships to groups & services, as well as participation in event definitions.
  • Configuration > Event Definition > Interdependencies
    • Added Event Definition interdependencies to trigger/prevent events if another event has/hasn’t fired already.

Additional Updates

  • Updated & consolidated graphs to a more modern library.
  • Edge Device Flow Sampling updated to allow “Sample 1 packet, drop X packets,” now including 0 drops. (Still defaults to dropping 1).
  • Matrix42 CMDB Integration to ESM now also sends the network card object for improved IP/MAC Address filtering on the ESM side.
REST API - v3.10.0

Additional Updates

  • PRB35878 • Added optional field for FireScope ID to REST API responses
EMI - v2.3.4

Additional Updates

  • Enhanced connectivity checking by testing port availability with a socket connection attempt.

Issues Fixed

SDDM - v4.6.0
  • PRB35811 • CI Migration will no longer drop attributes when moving to the new Edge Device.
  • PRB35827 • Removed SNMPv3 AuthPriv AES256 encryption setting for credentials due to incompatibilities.
  • PRB36208 • Agent Refresh Property button will now actually refresh the properties.
  • PRB36214 • Overnight Maintenance Windows will display correctly in the calendar.
  • PRB36470 • Edge Device registration through a proxy will no longer infinitely spin.
  • CI Migration preview will show the correct Attribute count.
  • Updated wording for discovery-based flows & optional confinement to a Service Group.
  • Discovery Rule filter comparisons that don’t require a value now won’t ask for one.
  • Loading 500+ rows in the list is a little quicker and won’t error out while doing so.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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