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Preservation Service Level Agreement


The Preservation Service Level Agreement was acknowledged by the following departments:

  • Customer Support (Martin Niemann, Reinhard Knatz)
  • Production / Service Management​​​​​​ (Vladimir Shevchenko, Vadim Zinoviev, Dirk Eisenberg)
  • Production / Software Asset Management (Torsten Boch)

Customer Support

Customer Support creates Inquiries, Problems and Hotfix Requests based on customer incidents.

They are prioritized by Customer Support team using “Priority” field in Internal Service Store (in Visual Studio: “Stack Rank”) that ranges from 1 (highest priority) to 9 (lowest priority).

“Priority” can be changed by Help Desk over the time


Stack Rank 1 Escalation with Customer with immediate reaction required. 
That means sprint goal changes to “Solve Escalation first”, before continue work on other goals. 

Team member who can not help with escalation - continue with normal work

Stack Rank 2 Escalation with Customer who agreed to wait until next sprint.
Stack Rank 3 to 9 All other Stack Ranks reflect the urgency regarding customers situation.


Development teams dedicates 20% of their time for working on preservation backlog (in average).

Development will take all preservation items out of the backlog from top to bottom until the 20% limit is reached.

Sort Order of Backlog

  1. Stack Rank
  2. Type
    1. Inquiry
    2. Hotfix
    3. Problem
  3. Older items comes first

We are searching for 4th rule in sorting: how to override 3rd rule in case of Help Desk needs

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