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Tickets of australian Customers (Silverback)

Premium Customer


This article is regarding tickets from australian Premium or 24*7 customers which are opened via email or supportportal. The australian customers has no support contract assigned in ISS so you can determine the support level by the SLA Status:





24 *7




If a ticket is opened during the regular hours of the australian Support team we are processing it as usual. That means sending the welcome mail and assigning the the ticket to the MDM team.

The Support time in Australia is:

8.00 AM - 6 PM (Sydney Time) that means 0.00 PM to 10 AM (Summer) or 10 PM to 8 AM (Winter)  in Germany


If the Ticket is opened between 6 PM and 8 PM and it is an premium customer or it is opened after 6 PM by an 24*7 customer, the service desk informs additionally the german MDM Team. They decide if the customer has to be contacted directly or not.

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