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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Organisation and Process of 24*7 Support


This service will be executed by employees of the Support Team in conjunction with the company CDS. During the the week from 7 AM to 8 PM (German time) the calls are handled through the Support Team. The remaining time of the day, on weekend  and on public holidays the calls will be held by the company CDS


Shift Plan

Early Shift

The Early Shift starts at 7 AM. The employee has to be in the Frankfurt Office. He logs on to the telephone system with the number 120 and takes away the diversion to CDS . Afterwards he is testing from his Mobile the availability of the 120.


The end of the Early Shift is 3.30 PM. The employee is dispatching the incoming tickets until the start of the Servicedesk (8.30 AM)


Late Shift

Start of Late Shift is 11.30 AM. At 5 PM the employee logs on to the telephone system with the number 120. From this time on the employee dispatches the incoming tickets. The shift ends at 8 PM, before he leaves the Office he diverted the 120 to CDS and test it.


Calls Dispatch outside earl- or late Shift, on weekend and Public Holiday

The call dispatch during this times is operated by CDS. They take the call and ask the customer which priority the issue has. If it is an urgent ticket they call the 2. Level on duty and send an email to helpdesk with the relevant information. If the ticket could wait until next business they will send only an email.



Second Level on Duty


It exists a 2 Level on Duty for every product line. The stand by period is from Monday 5 PM up to 7 AM next Monday. The regular Support hours Mo - Fr 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM are excluded.

During the stand by period the support engineer has to guarantee that he is able to pick up calls on the support phone or give a call back within 10 minutes.

Furthermore he has to guarantee that he has within one hour access to a PC with internet, so he could open ISS.


Shift Plan

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