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Products Vendor Registration and Certification

Products Vendor Certification process

Please sign up for a Matrix42 Company Account. The registration can be conducted at

Please note that if a company account is already registered, it is unnecessary to check the box at Create Company Account. However, if a company is not yet registered at the time of sign-up, the box needs to be checked and additional fields filled in
.Matrix42 Company Account registration

Once done, the Matrix42 Marketplace Team will validate the provided registration information to verify the account and authorize for the usage of the Marketplace Download area.

Please find the certification documents here

Please read first the document "Marketplace Product Certification" and complete the 4 templates.

If you intend to create integrations (addons) for the Matrix42 Products e.g. ESM or SUEM using the Matrix42 UUX SolutionBuilder you can find a couple of helpfull links


Here you'll find the installation files for the Matrix42 Products ESM and SUEM (Permission request is required)

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