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Howto edit academy product (Training)



This section teaches you how you can update and maintain the prices of Academy products.

How to edit a product 

To edit a product in the first place, you first must log in within the marketplace. You can do that using the following URL:
Once that's done, please head over to the side menu and click on the Products menu item. Alternative, you can use the following link:

After that, you will see a search field, which you can use to search for the necessary training:


Once you found your training, simply click on the name of it and you will land on the edit screen. From there, you need to scroll down until you see the "Product Data" section. Within this section, you will find another button called Variations - please click on it.


In the screenshot above, you see two variations (#179826 and 179827). Within the dropdown next to the variation name, you will see for which date the specific variation counts. If there is "Any Training Date" chosen, this variation counts for every training, except of another variation is assigned after for a specific training (In this example, the training from the 23.11.2020 - 27.11.2020 contains different prices). 

When you move your mouse over one of these elements, you will see a little arrow at the right. Please click on it.

Once you clicked it, further settings will appear, which allow you to add a specific price for the given variation of the training. (In the example below, all trainings have a default price of 2990€):


After you adjusted the price, simply scroll to the end of the section, where you will find a button to save the variations. (Please see screenshot below)


Once they are saved, your product price will be immediately visible in the marketplace. You can test that by scrolling up within the product and clicking on the link seen within the screenshot below: 


If everything looks fine within the frontend of the website, you know the product prices have been successfully adjusted.

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