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Updating License Intelligence Service


The LIS - Online Update Data Provider integrates Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management with Matrix42 License Intelligence Service (LIS). LIS uses its application patterns to analyze and assign unclassified fingerprints and licenses. The LIS - Online Update Data Provider has to be configured in the legacy console.

After the Data Provider is configured, you can use the Update License Intelligence Service action to launch an update from the Licenses application. The action is available when you hover over the plus button in the Software Products navigation item.

If the LIS - Online Update Data Provider has not been configured, you will see a corresponding message after clicking the Update License Intelligence Service button.

Starting the Update from LIS

After you click the Update License Intelligence Service button, a wizard opens. You can adjust the following condition of the update: 

  • By default the Upload licenses with SKU but not assigned to software product checkbox is selected. It means that licenses that have an SKU, but are not assigned to a software product will be uploaded to the LIS Server. As a result, they will be classified (assigned to a software) by LIS managers.
  • The Upload unclassified fingerprints checkbox is also selected by default. As a result, fingerprints that are not assigned to software products will be uploaded to the LIS Server and classified automatically.
  • You can select the Download full LIS data package (import may last several hours) checkbox to obtain all data from LIS. Keep in mind that the complete LIS package takes up more than 200 MB of space.

The first download from LIS contains the complete data package regardless of the user's choice. If the Download full LIS data package (import may last several hours) checkbox is empty, all the following instances will download only the difference between the previously downloaded LIS package and the current data on the LIS server. 

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