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License Management - Data Batch Processing (Engine Activation)


After importing data from computer inventory,  Active Directory or other data sources (e.g. organizational master data) the Software Asset Management system needs to process this data updating license requirements and corresponding entitlements. 

This processing is performed by the activation "License Management - Data Batch Processing".  Normally it is scheduled to run overnight on a daily basis. 

Please ensure that the schedule corresponds with the schedules of data import jobs so that imports are made before this activation is run.

Processing Description 

The activated engine "License Manager - Overnight processing" performs following steps:  

  1. Checking for inconsistencies and correcting them accordingly (pre-validation) 
  2. Validating imported licenses (empty status) 
  3. Assigning licenses that are not associated to a software product and having a manufacturer part number according to the LIS catalog 
  4. Checking expiration of the validity period for licenses, maintenance and license pools 
  5. Assigning or ignoring unclassified fingerprints according to LIS catalog
  6. Creating, updating or deleting license requirements
    • from installed applications 
    • from AD group memberships 
    • from collateral requirement rules  
  7. Validating imported license requirements (empty status) 
  8. Confirming unconfirmed license requirement records from approved service bookings 
  9. Checking failed compliance and trigger compliance rule if alert option is enabled
  10. Checking for inconsistencies and correcting them accordingly (pre-validation)
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