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License Intelligence Service


License Intelligence Service (LIS) supports organizations to accomplish this task providing a comprehensive base of reference data that is frequently updated with new records as they occur. LIS reference database holds records of a normalized central “Software Product” repository that represents items that are subject of compliance considerations – in other words: your chart of compliance accounts. Examples are: Microsoft Office Standard 2007, Microsoft Exchange Device CAL 2007 and Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.

LIS subscribers request clearing of their unclassified fingerprints and licenses frequently on demand. At Matrix42 a dedicated LIS Team steadily reviews requested records and either associates them to Software Products or marks them as “to be ignored” updating LIS reference database accordingly. Updated records will be published frequently and can be accessed by all LIS subscribers on demand by initiating LIS Online Update from their local Service Store.

As for license records the “Manufacturer Part Number” (aka SKU; Stock-Keeping-Unit) is used as resilient key within this automated classification process. In case that a license does not provide SKU (e.g. because the manufacturer is not dealing with SKU or the purchase record does not disclose SKU) individual clearing by LIS Team is required. The license record then may be included to LIS clearing requests and be classified automatically using an auxiliary “SKU”.

Clearing of LIS Team follows relevant Service Levels which provide respective commitments in regard to request processing. For details please refer to separate document “LIS Service Levels”.

All information provided by LIS is suggestive and should be considered only indicative though care is taken to enhance the precision of reported data to a significant extent that has many constraints. The data to a large extent is derived information based on both manual research and automatic fuzzy processing. It therefore cannot be considered as either authentic or representing high legal accuracy.

It must be well understood that resilient and accurate compliance accounting requires full consideration of publisher-specific standard licensing rules and conditions as well as individual contractual clauses and agreements. This is why automatic compliance reconciliation of Matrix42 License Manager based on LIS reference data definitely requires subsequent review and possibly further adjustments by an adequately qualified and informed user.

That is why manual assignment of selected fingerprint and license records is – despite all automation provided by LIS – always a possible option to the license administrator.

Content Provided

License Models

  • Name
  • Description
  • License Assignment Type
  • Calculation Expression (numeric literal or ASQL formula)
  • Second Copy Consolidation Option 

Software Publishers

Following values are provided for Software Publishers:

  • Name
  • Short Name
  • Website

Software Products

Following values are provided for Software Products:

  • Relation to Publisher
  • Full Name (incl. Edition)
  • Version
  • Product Group (Server, Application, Operating System)
  • Relation to default License Model 
  • Downgrades (relations between corresponding Software Products)
  • Commercial Suites (relations to included Software Products)

Software Recognition 

Following values are provided for Fingerprint classification (software recognition):

  • Manufacturer
  • Name
  • Version
  • Relation to Software Product (if relevant for compliance)

License Recognition

Following values are provided for license classification (license recognition):

  • Manufacturer Part Number (SKU)
  • Item Name
  • Type of License
  • Relation to Software Product
  • Relation to License Model
  • Language 

Data Collected and Uploaded

If online update is configured to upload unclassified data (fingerprints / licenses) following information is uploaded to LIS Webservice:


  • Manufacturer
  • Name
  • Version
  • Detection Type


  • Publisher Part Number (SKU)
  • License Name
  • License Type

Data Import

Downloaded LIS data is automatically imported to the database of License application. Following illustration explains where this data is stored:

LIS Data Flow.png

Software Publishers and License Models are imported directly as Business Partners respectively License Models. This means that any updated record is immediately visible and effective after the import. 

Software Products are stored as templates in an internal LIS table:

  • New Software Product Templates are created automatically as Software Products
  • Updated Software Product Templates are applied to the existing Software Products during automatic or manual synchronization. This depends on the configuration of corresponding Software Product (see "LIS Synchronization" setting).

Software and License Recognition records are stored in internal tables and used from background processing.

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