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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Object Data Service: Create Object


Creates a new Object of the specified Configuration Item. 



POST https://{server_name}/m24Services/api/data/objects/{ciName}

URL attributes 

Element Description Type Required
ciName Technical name of the Configuration Item (e.g. for Incident is "SPSActivityTypeIncident") string Required


For a list of available HTTP request headers see Web Services: REST API integration.

POST body

The JSON object of the following format. 

         "Attribute4":"Name 1"
         "Attribute4":"Name 2"

If needed it is possible explicitly set IDs for the created Object or related fragments. If IDs are omitted in the Request, they are auto-generated


Guid. ID of the Created Object

Status codes and errors

Code Message
401 Unauthorized
415 The request Content-type is not defined
500 Internal Server Error. E.g. wrong reference, or mandatory attribute is missing 




Example 1:  Create the Incident 

The following request creates the Incident 

POST https://{server_name}/m42Services/api/data/objects/SPSActivityTypeIncident/ HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
Authorization: Bearer {token}

   "SPSActivityClassBase": {
     "Subject":"Incident created over Public API 2",
      "DescriptionHTML":"Description of the Incident"
         "OriginalSolutionHtml":"Created by Public API",                 
         "ActivityAction": 0,
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