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Fragments Data Service: Get Fragment data


Reads the whole Fragment of the specified Data Definition with defined Id.



GET  http(s)://{server_name}/M42Services/api/data/fragments/{ddname}/{fragmentid}

URL Attributes and Query Parameters 

Element Description Type Required
ddName The technical name of the Data Definition (e.g. SPSActivityClassBase) string Required
fragmentId Id of the Fragment of specified Data Definition GUID Required


For a list of available HTTP request headers see Web Services: REST API integration.


Returns the JSON object with all attributes specified in the Data Definition. 
The Service returns null if the fragment with the specified fragmentId does not exist, or the Object the Fragment belongs to, is not allowed for the caller.

Status codes and errors 

The following table lists the returned HTTP status codes.

Code Description
500 Defined Data Definition not found



Example 1: Get the whole fragment of the Category "Facility Management"

GET https://localhost/m42Services/api/data/fragments/SPSScCategoryClassBase/7777780d-71a0-df11-708c-000c2968299e
Authorization: Bearer {token}

   "Description":"Facility Management",
   "Name":"Facility Management",
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