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Link control for Email Designer


The control allows to easily embed a link to an email which directly opens the application artifacts, like a specific Management area, specified object Preview or directly the edit Dialog. Also Link allows to configure to start an defined action in UUX on following the link.


Navigate To, specifies the kind of Application resource the anchor in mail should navigate to. The System supports the following types:

  • Search Page, direct the user to specified Management area (Dataset View). On picking this option, the Email Designer request to provide the reference to Navigation Item which need to opened on click.
  • Object Preview, opens Preview of specified Object. If this option is selected, the Id of the Object need to be set to property "Object Id". To solve the ambiguity, when the Preview for defined Object is available in multiple UUX applications,  the concrete Navigation  Item can be specified where the preview needs to be openned
  • Object Dialog, directly opens the edit dialog for a specified object. The same like for Object Preview, Id needs to defined in Link control property "Object Id"

Run Action, reference to the Action which need to be initiated on opening the link. The action be started in a context of the opened page. E.g. if the link follows to object Preview, then the action be activated for specified object.

Value Label, allows to overwrite the text of the link. When it set, this text always be rendered for a link, otherwise the link text be automatically detected from the referenced resource (e.g. display name of the Object)

Link Text, text which be displayed instead of link, when the System does not recognized the referenced resource (e.g. Id of the Object is not set)

Label, the control can be displayed with label, like literal controls. This property defines the text for the label.

Label Position, relevant only if the Label is set, and regulates the position of the label compare to the link text.

Visibility, allows dynamically show/hide a control depending on some dynamic data 

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