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E-mail Descriptor


An Solution Builder object, which keeps the declarative definition of the Email template. Based on the Email Descriptor, depending on the values of Email Descriptor Input parameters, the Email Engine generates a final Email Subject and Body.


To manage E-mail Descriptors open Administration application, and proceed to E-mail Descriptors area under "Services & Processes".


Signature, reference to Signature object, which setups the signature the generated Email has. On sending Email, the defined Signature could be reset by more actual one. The signature which defined on run-time (in Workflow, Compliance Rule) will be taken.

Always send in System Language & Culture, signals the System ignore the Email recipient preferences, like Language and culture, and always send the Email in System culture ( default culture of the Application is set in General Settings). Using that option optimizes the Email generation process, as only one single Email be created per operation (without it, the System creates per Email for each Recipient group)

Parameters, defines the list of input arguments, the Email descriptors depends on. The parameters are automatically added to the Email Descriptor Data Model in Email Designer, as well as they always requested to be provided on attempt to send Email based on the Email Descriptor. 


To define a parameter, the unique Name, which fits variable naming conventions, need to be provided. In case the parameter defined as Required, the System disables the Email sending operation, until the value for that parameter is defined.
Type Editor, specifies the data type of the Parameter. The System allows to set any simple type, like String, Date Time etc, as well as types declared in Schema (Configuration Items and Data Definitions).  For Schema types parameters in Email Designer, the whole complex structure of the Schema object be immediately displayed in Email Designer Data Model.  For any parameter type (except Configuration Item), it is possible to define, that parameter accepts multiple values, by checking Is Array control.


Email Descriptor, technically, is one of the variation of the Layout Templates, and has the same principals and behaviors as Dialog or Wizard.


The design of the Email Descriptor is kept in Widget Template object (Email Template), which can be edited with Email Designer (Layout Designer), on running action Customize. The Email Template contains either one view or, in case of customization, two views. If the Email Descriptor, delivered out of the box, is modified, the Solution Builder silently creates a new View of Email Template, and store all the changes to it. What means the Original template, stayed untouched. In Email Designer there is  always a possibility to review in read only mode the Original version, and compare it with current, or in case of a need, revert the customization to original stay. The Email Engine on run time, always takes the Customized Version, as more relevant.




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