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Quick Filters

Quick Filters Defined

A Quick Filter is an extension of the Search Filter functionality which allows users to add filtering conditions, color code them with the stoplight colors - red, yellow, and green - and then be able to filter entities in the grid by simply clicking the color control (for example, yellow circle), or even two color controls (say, yellow and green circles, to display only entities that satisfy conditions set for both colors) in the header of the grid.


How to add a Quick Filter to a Grid?

To add a Quick Filter to a grid:

  1. In Administration > User Interface > Search Filters, locate an existing Search Filter or create a new one.
  2. In the Search Filter Edit dialog, select the Use as Quick Filter checkbox, provide Names, Conditions, and other necessary data for each of the three colors, Red, Yellow, and Green, then Save the Quick Filter.


How to use a Quick Filter?

To use a Quick Filter, open the corresponding grid and click one or two of the three colored circles - green, yellow, or red - at the top. The grid refreshes to show only entities which satisfy the conditions set for the selected color(s).


Select two circles, say, yellow and green, in the header of the grid to display only entities that satisfy conditions set for both colors.

When to use this feature?

Use this feature with grids that have a large number of entities that need to be easily filtered with only one, or two, mouse clicks based on certain user-set color-coded conditions.

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