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Navigation Items


Navigation items are entities that allow users to navigate applications. Navigation items are located in the navigation panel on the left of the screen in Solution Builder and in all the applications built with the help of the Solution Builder. 

Creating a Navigation Item

You can create navigation items from two places in Solution Builder:

  • from the New Application dialog, Navigation Items tab, and
  • from the Navigation Items grid.

In either case, you need to create and save an Application first.

Creating a Navigation Item from New Application Dialog

To create a Navigation Item from the New Application dialog:

  1. Create and save a new application.
  2. In the New Application dialog, switch to the Navigation Items tab that appears and click “Add”.
  3. In the New Navigation Item dialog that appears:
  • Specify Title, Description, Position of the navigation item in the navigation structure.
  • You may also specify a Visibility Condition which is an ASQL Expression based on SPSUserClassBase (already filtered by current user), if needed. If expression equals true, the navigation item will be shown. If the Visibility Condition field is left empty, the navigation item will always be visible in the navigation structure, provided the Enabled checkbox is selected (default);
  • Select the Item Type for the navigation item: Root Element or Child Element. For the Child Element option, select a Parent Element from the structure of available applications;
  • Select Action on Click for the navigation item: Open Dataset View, Execute Angular Controller (rarely used), Go to External URL (not used at the moment), Open Landing Page, or Do Nothing (the navigation item will act as a container in the navigation structure).
  • Fill out the remaining fields which will vary depending on the selected Action on Click.
  • Click SAVE at the top of the dialog to save the provided data.

You can add as many navigation items as you need to the Application you are building to create the navigation structure.

Creating a Navigation Item from Navigation Items Grid

Before creating a Navigation Item from the Navigation Items grid, create and save an Application.

To create a Navigation Item from the Navigation Items grid:

  1. Go to Administration > User Interface > Navigation Items and click the FAB button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Navigation Items grid.
  2. Refer to Step 3 in Creating a Navigation Item from New Application Dialog above to learn how to proceed.

Learn how to SET AUDIENCE for Navigation Items. 

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