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An application is a piece of software built to fulfill a particular purpose of the user. The Solution Builder, for example, being an application itself, allows users to create applications of their own without (or with only minor) coding involved. The screenshot below shows the Service Desk application built with the help of the Solution Builder.



Application Header

Each application has a Header/Toolbar at the top.


A Header contains the following elements (left to right)

  • Navigation toggle button. Click this button to show/hide the navigation panel.
  • Logo. Click a logo to open the application's default page (in most cases it's the Home landing page).
  • Application name. Click an Application name to open application's default page (in most cases it's the Home landing page).
  • Breadcrumbs. Shows the current navigation item and a path to it. Click a name in a path chain to redirect a user to the respective navigation item.
  • Search button. Click this button to open a search bar that enables you to search for any object within the current application.
  • Application switch button. Only visible if the user has more than one application available. Click this button to open the application picker where you can navigate to another application.
  • Activity monitor toggle button. Click this button will show/hide Activity monitor panel.
  • Feedback button. Click this button to open the feedback sharing window. Only visible if sending feedback is enabled in system.
  • User avatar. If a user avatar is set, it will be shown. Otherwise, first letters of user's First Name and Last Name will be shown. Moving mouse cursor over the avatar will trigger a tooltip with user's First Name and Last Name. Click an avatar to open a menu with items related to user adjustments.

Creating an Application

To create an application:

  • Open the Solution Builder from the Matrix42 main toolbar: Applications Button > Administration.
  • In the Navigation panel on the left of the screen, click User Interface > Applications.
  • Click the "Add Application" button.
  • In the Application Type: New dialog that appears, fill out the following fields:clipboard_e4808a7278140829d6051cac1a7eef708.png
    • Name: specify the name of the new application. Use only Latin letters and numbers, no spaces or special characters, in the name. Keep in mind that the name specified here will be part of the application url.
    • Title: specify the title of the new application. The title, unlike the Name, is localizable.
    • Show Notification Monitor: define if You need a Notification Monitor action present in your application.
    • Navigation: define navigation mode: Standard or Simple. The view is shown on explaining images beneath the options.
    • Show tab "Recents": define if You need a "Recents" tab of navigation panel in your new application.
    • Show tab "Favorite Items": define if You need a "Favorite Items" tab of navigation panel in your new application.
    • Description: provide the description of the application for internal use. The description is also localizable.
    • Position: the numeric value designating position of the application in the Application picker (accessible via the Applications Button located in the Matrix42 main toolbar).
    • Icon: click the field to display the list of all the available icons, then click the icon you would like to be displayed next to the Application Title in the Application picker (accessible via the Application Button) to add the icon to the dialog.
    • Enabled: leave selected for the Application to be available in the Application picker. Deselect the Enabled checkbox to hide the Application from the Application picker.
    • URL: specify the link to the Help Center. Users will be able to access the online Help when they click on "Help Center" in the main toolbar, Application Settings.

    When done specifying the data, click SAVE at the top of the dialog to save the changes.

    In the Application Type dialog, switch to the Navigation Items tab and create navigation items for the application. The navigation Items you create here will help you navigate your new application. One by one, add as many navigation items as you need to the Application you are building to create the navigation structure.

    Switch back to the General tab of the Application Type dialog and specify the Default Navigation Item in the Appearance panel. This is the navigation item whose Action on Click will be performed when users click the Application Icon in the Application picker (Matrix42 main toolbar). Make sure to SAVE the changes.
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