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JavaScript Library for Layout Designer


Out of the box, the SolutionBuilder delivers the library of the JavaScript functions which are helpful for using in the Layout Designer Calculated Fields. 

mx.Schema.getPickup Get the Schema Pickup data by internal Pickup name


In modern HTML application (like UUX) any function call which could lead to Server Request is an asynchronous function, which does not return the web service result immediately, but only the reference to the callback function, which be executed when the response from Server will be received. To simplify the syntax, the SolutionBuilder functions returns a Promise, the object which represents the eventual completion (or failure) of an asynchronous operation, and its resulting value. Please read more about Promises, and how to use it here.


Provides the set of function for working with the Data Layer functions, like obtaining the Schema metadata or get the data


Get the Schema Pickup data by internal Pickup name


name (String) - technical name of the Schema pickup


Promise to Object with the requested Schema Pickup data, of the following format

   [value1]: {Value: value1, DisplayName: "name", Image: "", Color: "", ..},
   [value2]: {Value: value2, DisplayName: "name", Image: "", Color: "", ..},

System returns null, if the Pickup with the provided name not found


Example dynamically receives the Image for the Pickup value, which are defined in Input controls



if(pickupName.$hasChanges || pickupNumber.$hasChanges){    
  return mx.Schema.getPickup(pickupName.$value).then(function (data){
     return data[pickupNumber.$value].Image;
}return $value;



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