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Related Object Picker Control


Related Object Picker Control allows to select multiple Objects. The control specially designed for handling relations to multiple objects in Dialogs. The behavior of the control is identical to Objects Picker control, which also able to select multiple objects, but these two controls have absolutely different Value model (how the selected objects are stored in Value), what makes one of them best suitable for using in Wizards, whereas another (Related Object Picker) better fits for Dialogs.



Most of the control Properties are identical to  Object Picker control, which has quite the same behavior, with the only difference, it picks a single object only.

Value (Model)

The main property of the Control which keeps the data about selected objects. The data structure principle is fully identical to structure of the Value of the Objects Relation Grid.  All the associated related objects are stored in Database and directly retrieved by the control for display, and are not reflected in the Value data. Value data stores only the changes in relations, e.g. which Objects have been added or removed compare with the persisted state (related objects stored in the Database).  On submitting of the Dialog with such control the affected changes (added or removed objects) applied on the server. The following example demonstrates the Value structure:

    AddedRelations:['{id1}', '{id2}'],
// where {id1}, {id2}, {id3} - unique objects identificators (guid)

Object Id

Sets the Id of the Object which has own the Relation. When control is used on Dialog, setting of the Property is optional, as the ID is automatically detected from the Dialog context. 

In case when control is used for handling N:M relation in Multifragment Data Definition (multiple records in Object), the ID of the Fragment need to be assigned to the Object Id Property.


Entity Class and Relation Attribute Name

Both attributes specifies the schema relation which is handled in the Control. Entity Class, is the name of the Data Definition with owns the relation, and the Relation Attribute Name, is a name of the schema relation.
For example, for the relation which stores the members of the Role, the Entity Class = "SPSSecurityClassRole", the Relation Attribute Name = "Memebers"


HOW TO: Dynamically add related objects to Related Objects Picker

The adding objects to control dynamically (automatically, based on some events on the form) is full identical to doing that in the Objects Related Grid. Please see the article how to do that for grid USE CASE: DYNAMICALLY ADD DATA TO OBJECT RELATION GRID


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