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How to Use a Generic Data Provider

In Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management, you can create a custom Data Provider to import data from an external system. The Holidays Data Provider is implemented in Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management as a sample of the generic Data Provider. It uses the REST web service to import the list of holidays from the Google Calendar service. You can install and configure the Holidays Data Provider to see the generic integration concept in action.

Installing the Holidays Data Provider

The Holidays Data Provider is delivered as a separate package that can be deployed within Matrix42 Software Asset and Service  Management.

To install the Data Provider:

  • Open the <Application Folder>\Samples\Data Providers\Holidays folder on the Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management application server.
  • Unzip the CUSTM42_HolidaysDataProvider archive file to a separate folder.
  • Open the folder with extracted file, right-click the CustomizingInstaller file and select the Run as administrator command.
  • Click Next until the Data Provider is successfully installed.

As a result, the Holidays Data Provider will be available in Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management.

Configuring the Holidays Data Provider

Any Data Provider should be explicitly configured and enabled. To configure the Holidays Data Provider:

  1. Under Administration > Integration > Data Providers, open the Holidays Data Provider dialog.
  2. Click + above in the Configurations grid.
  3. Fill in the fields of the configuration dialog:
  • Data Gateway: By default the Data Gateway that is installed on the Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management application server is specified here. You can select any other Data Gateway that should import data from the Google Calendar.
  • Description: Provide some additional details about this configuration if necessary.
  • Enable Import: Select this checkbox to activate the import of holidays.
  • Click Done to save the configuration.
  • Click Done to save the data provider. 
  1. In the action pane of Data Provider dialog, run the Enable action.

Activating and Monitoring the Import of Holidays

The sample Holidays Data Provider can be activated only by using the Activate action. However, an engine activation can be configured for custom Data Providers as well. Engine activations trigger Data Providers according to the specified schedule.

The general approach to using engine activations is described in the Activating Data Providers section.

The import of holidays from the Google Calendar is implemented by using two workflows. All progress monitoring can be accessed by using the dialog pages of the Data Provider configuration:

  • Last Result: An outcome and the date of the last import.
  • Import Logs: All instances of running the import definitions (sequences) for this configuration and the respective results. Import definitions are executed within the workflow to import the retrieved data into Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management.
  • Workflows: All instances of server workflows that have been run for this configuration and their statuses.
  • Job History: The list of commands (jobs) that are performed by the Data Gateway for this configuration. The Command Details text box contains detailed information for the job that is currently selected in the list above.
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