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Solved Problems 10.0.x

 List of solved problems for Software Asset & Service Management 10.0.x including all updates.

Version 10.0.x 

Technical Preview (09.01.2020)

Problem Description

UUX: Asset Dashboards for "Endpoint Devices" are translated as "Mobile Devices" in all other language localisations

PRB34094 Collateral License Requirements are sporadically not created
PRB34082 SCCM Data Provider may run into timeouts on collecting AUT data
PRB34038 UUX: In Complex Systems the Object Relations Grid to Tasks allows adding other Activity types, which are then not displayed
PRB34036 Empirum SDK GetGroupPackages Activity should have type string and value of possible package types
PRB34013 Is not Possible to add the External Contract
PRB33984 Asset Management is able to Change Ownership of Orgunits, CostCenters and Locations and many more
PRB30811 New Installation - Setup Error by Configuration Analysis Services (TLS1.2)
PRB34041 UUX AD Data Provider settings show passwords in clear text using browser dev tools
PRB33889 System diagnostics displays errors in Classic UI that are not displayed in the UUX.
PRB34090 UUX Wrong Translation for Condition of CoRu
PRB34066 UUX Global Search - Areas to search can be edited without effect
PRB33890 UUX - Portal - Asset Data transfer when opening a new request via "My Hardware"
PRB33981 UUX - Printout of TSK - PRB tickets empty page only
PRB33519 Blurry display of Object pickers with custom validation
PRB33129 UUX - Date filtering should be reworked to be more intuitive
PRB32795 UUX at the first start of UUX, the user receives a yellow error

Version 9.1.x

 List of solved problems for version 9.1.x can be found here.

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