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Ports Used by Connectors and Data Providers


To exchange data with external systems, Matrix42 Workspace Management uses Data Providers and Connectors. Due to security reasons it is required to close all unused ports on computers. This article explains which ports each Data Provider or Connector uses for communication.


The MWM AirWatch Data Provider uses the HTTPS protocol and the following port:

  • TCP 443


All Empirum versions since v12 R2 Patch 2 use Empirum API that works through single TCP port (can be configured in the Connector location settings together with the Empirum API settings).
Port used:

  • TCP 9100

 Information about ports used by Empirum itself can be found here.

Enterprise Manager

The EM Data Provider uses the following pre-configured port (can be set in the Data Provider configuration):

  • TCP 8099

Inventory of Citrix XenServer

Port used:

  • TCP 80 (HTTP)

Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-V

Port used:

  • TCP 5985

Inventory of VMware vCenter

Port used:

  • TCP 443 (HTTPS)


The LDAP Data Provider obviously uses the LDAP port:

  • TCP 389

LIS - Online Update

This Data Provider works through the HTTPS protocol and the following port:

  • TCP 443

MATRIX42 Accounts

The Matrix42 Accounts server ( uses the HTTPS protocol and the following port:

  • TCP 443

MDM Connector

The MDM Connector uses HTTPS or HTTP connection, depending on location settings. By default only connection over HTTPS protocol has been tested.
Ports used:

  • TCP 443 (HTTPS)
  • TCP 80 (HTTP)

Oracle Inventory

The Oracle Database Inventory Data Provider uses the following pre-configured port (can be set in the Data Provider configuration):

  • TCP 3307

SCCM Inventory

The SCCM Inventory Data Provider works through MS SQL database connection.
Port used:

  • TCP 1433 (ms-sql-s)

For additional information about configuring MS SQL  ports, see

Silverback by MATRIX42

Silverback Data Provider uses the HTTPS protocol and the following port:

  • TCP 443

Unix Inventory

The Unix Inventory Data Provider uses SSH for connection.
Port used:

  • TCP 22 (SSH)

Windows Inventory

The Windows Inventory Data Provider uses Active Directory ports.

  1. In Windows Server 2008 and later and Windows Vista and later, the following ports are used:
  • TCP 135 (epmap)
  • TCP 49152 - 65535
  1. In Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, ports in the following range are used:
  • TCP 1025-5000

For additional information about configuring Active Directory ports,