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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

How to configure Data Provider for Oracle and Data Center Inventory

Configure data providers


The "Oracle Database Inventory" or "Datacenter Inventory" data provider communicates with the virtual scan appliance; it must be configured accordingly to ensure the correct data transfer from the scan appliance.

Set up configuration

The data provider can be found in the "Administration" section under "Data Providers". Open the data provider with a double-click and create a new configuration.

Do not forget to checkmark and enable the 'Activate Import' option!

Enter the following information under "Connection Options":

Parameter Value
Server name Host name of the nova ratio appliance (default: vm-matrix42)
Database name export_matrix42 (please do not use another name!)
Port 3307
User account nova ratio EDI-User (default: erunbook)
Password nova ratio EDI-User (default: erunbook)

Now go to the "Included Computers" dialog page to define the target systems to be inventoried:

The following two options are available:

  1. Assign selected servers manually.
  2. Use an ASQL expression to determine the target systems automatically from the respective inventory.

Example 1 for option 2:

all servers whose name starts with "SRV":
T(SPSComputerClassBase).Name like ‘SRV%’

Example 2 for option 2:

all servers of the "corp" domain:
T(SPSComputerClassAD).Domain.DomainName = ‘corp’

Activate the data provider

Go to the "Activate" option to activate the data provider.