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Data from various data sources can be imported into Matrix42 Workspace Management via a configured import definition.

Import definition

An import definition is a set of rules and settings according to which information from a certain source is transferred into the specified configuration item.

To manage import definitions:

  1. Start Matrix42 Workspace Management and click the Administration workspace.
  2. In the navigation area, click Import > Import Definitions.
  3. In the grid, click an import definition. It provides an initial overview of the most important information about the import definition and access to the available actions. 


  • Template File Name: If this import definition is used for the quick import of records in a certain tabulator, the import template file is specified in this field.
  • Quick Import Definition: Indicates that this import definition can be opened and executed in a tabulator of the corresponding configuration item.

These two fields are normally filled in for import definitions that are delivered out of the box.


  • Create New Import Definition: An input wizard for adding a new import definition appears.
  • Edit Import Definition: An input wizard for editing a currently opened or selected import definition appears. While editing, you will be able to create a copy, so that the original import definition remains unchanged.
  • Execute Import Definition: Opens the dialog box for import definition execution.
  • View Active Import Definition: Displays the status of the currently running import process.

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