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1000 - AppFabric service log on account is not in AppFabric Security Group


One of AppFabric services (‘AppFabric Event Collection Service’ or ‘AppFabric Workflow Management Service’) log on account is not in selected AppFabric Security Group. These services are used by AppFabric and Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management.


  1. Enable option “Run AppFabric with Matrix42 Service Account” on “Service Layer Configuration” page.

This option will set Matrix42 Service Account as log on account of these services. It’s not recommended if web server contains other applications which use AppFabric because it can break those applications.

  1. Add ‘AppFabric Event Collection Service’ and ‘AppFabric Workflow Management Service’ services log on account to selected AppFabric Security Group.
  2. Manually configure AppFabric security after installation or update process. See detailed technical information here.
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