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0123 - Configuration Error - Analysis Services deployed in 'Tabular' mode


Analysis Services are deployed in the tabular mode. The multidimensional mode is required.


Analysis Services can be installed in one of three server modes: Multidimensional and Data Mining (default), Power Pivot for SharePoint, and Tabular. The server mode of an Analysis Services instance is determined during setup when you choose options for installing the server.

You can check the DeploymentMode property in the msmdsrv.ini file that is included in every Analysis Services instance. The value of this property identifies the server mode. Valid values are: 0 (Multidimensional), 1 (SharePoint), and 2 (Tabular).

Although changing the DeploymentMode property is not supported by Microsoft, it works.

If you are changing the Analysis Services instance to the tabular mode, you have to perform backup of any multidimensional databases on your server, and either detach them or delete them. You will not be able to load them on the tabular instance.

To change the DeploymentMode property:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS13.TABULAR\OLAP\Config and copy the msmdsrv.ini file to your desktop.
  2. Open this file in Notepad. Change the deployment mode property from 2 (tabular) to 0 (multidimensional).
  3. Copy and replace the msmdsrv.ini file in the OLAP\Config directory.
  4. Go to services.msc and restart the Analysis Services instance.