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Engine Activations


Engine activations allows activating individual configurations of some engines and are triggered according to a schedule that is specified in an activation and can be customized to your preferences.

How to create Engine Activations

For example, to create an engine activation for a specific configuration of the Start Custom Workflow, perform the following steps:

1.Start Matrix42 Workspace Management and click the Administration workspace.

2.In the navigation area, click Services & Processes > Engine Activations.

3.On the toolbar, click New. A new activation dialog opens.

4.Fill in the Name field, for example, Start Custom Workflow


5.Click 'Add' to add activated engines:

  • Click the single selection (loupe) button in the Engine to be Activated field to open the list of available engines.
  • Find the Start Workflow engine and click Select.
  • In Engine Activation Select the workflow to be activated 
  • Click Finish to save the changes for the engine.

6.In the Schedules list of the engine activation dialog, use the Add button to create a new schedule.

7.In the schedule dialog, fill in the following data:

  • Schedule Name
  • Start From: Time of the day when the activation will be run.
  • Repeat: Set the frequency for executing the activation.
  • End: Select the time range within which this schedule should be in effect.
  • Click Finish to save the changes.


8. Click Done to save the changes for the engine.

How to Enable/Disable Engine Activations

By default every new Engine Activation created with status enable. If you want disable Engine Activation you can use Action "Disable" or edit Engine Activation and in dialog mark checkbox "Disable Entire Activation". 

How to Activate Engine Activations

You can use Action "Activate":

  1. Select your Engine Activation
  2. In action panel click action "Activate"
  3. In popup message click 'Yes'


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