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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

History Wizard


If History is enabled for a Configuration Item and user has enough permission to run a "History" action - he can open a History Wizard.



  • To force the most recent changes to be shown here user may click the "Force Consolidation" button.
  • On the top of the wizard there is a filter section so user may filter only changes he wants to see among other changes.
  • There are two lists in the main section
    • In the "Transactions" list user may see all the transactions that was performed against the object and fits the filter conditions.When user clicks on a transaction item in this list - the changes of those transaction are displayed in the "Transaction details" list
    • In the "Transaction details" list user may see all the changes of the selected transaction.When user clicks on the item in this list - the change details get displayed.clipboard_ee929e03fe699f1a228e3f9e432aeb32f.png
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