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Documentation - How to customize the EM Agent UI

Applies for EMv7

Starting with version 7 it is possible to customize the Enterprise Manager Agent. The following steps explain how to supply a customized EM Agent.

During installation of the EM version 7.0.4 an addition folder "Customizing" is created in the EM installation directory (default: C:\Program Files\Matrix42\Matrix42 Enterprise Manager); it contains the "Agent" folder, which is structured as follows:

This folder contains the "Default.json" configuration file and predefined logos in the .svg format.

SVG files are vector graphics where images are saved in high resolution and clearly, but with a very small size. Image files in the common .jpg or .bmp are also detected.

Custom logos must be copied into the Agent folder to ensure that they are detected by the Agent configuration. The "Default.json" configuration file looks as follows:

  "Strings": {
     "Title": "Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management",
     "HomeHeader": "Welcome to your software center|Willkommen in Ihren Softwarecenter",
     "TaskHeader": "Available Software Management actions|Verfügbare Software Aktionen"
   "Colors": {
     "WindowHeader": "#284D91",
     "WindowHeaderText": "#ffffff",
     "Highlight": "#e3163d",
     "NaviMarker": "#394F78",
     "NaviBackground": "#0c2045"
   "Logo": {
     "FileName": "MX42-Blue.svg",
     "Width": "70px",
     "Height": null

All sections of the file can be customized, including the following:


- Title: Title of the whole EM Agent window

- HomeHeader: Title of the header in the "Home" section of the Agent

- TaskHeader: Title in the header of the "Task" section of the Agent


- WindowHeader: Background color of the title section of the EM Agent window

- WindowHeaderText: Font color of the title text

- Highlight: Color of highlighted text and icons

- NaviMarker: Color of the navigation pane where you are currently navigating

- NaviBackground: Color of the complete navigation pane


- File name: This file contains the logo to be displayed in the upper right corner of the Agent ("Logo.svg").

- Width: Logo size ("70px")

- Height: Logo height

The following screenshot illustrates the respective sections.

As soon as the "Default.json" file has been modified, respective changes are updated on the agent after 24 hours accordingly. Another option is to manually update this setting, based on a task via the "remotecontrol" option (see screenshot).

Then a check is performed on the local clients to determine whether a change has been made and it is performed accordingly by creating or exchanging the "Customizing.json" file under C:/ProgramData/Matrix42/Enterprise Manager Agent/Settings.

The user can modify the local 'Customizing' file if he has administrative privileges, but the server copies the data back to the client and updates them after 24 hours at the latest!

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