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Applies for EMv6 &EMv7.


The "Collections" window shows all collections created in the EM.

When you create a new collection, you must specify whether this is a device or a user collection, which devices/users shall be included in this group and which additional filters shall be applied to limit the group, if required.

In Step 2 you define how often the members of the collection shall be updated and where the collection shall be created: in EM, SCCM or in both systems.

An import of more than 2000 machines is NOT recommended! Background is not an upper limit in Enterprise Manager, rather the SQL Query. It is stored as a text string in the database.

The third step defines who shall be allowed to view the collection in the console.

Different number of members for collections in EM and SCCM

  • EM Collection: The content, which was deposited during import, is copied 1 to 1. Here no matching or other logic takes place.
  • SCCM Collection: SCCM has installed an internal logic that only adds machines that are 1. stored in SCCM and 2. have an SCCM agent installed

 Collection member.JPG

For ("For EM (49)", "For SCCM (49)", "For Patch (49)") it will be displayed for which computer the current user (or creator of the collection if defined in the collection) is authorized to perform EM, SCCM or patch mass rollouts.

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