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Azure AD Integration I: Configure Azure Active Directory

Configure Azure Directory

  • Open Azure Portal and login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory
  • Navigate to Mobility (MDM and MAM)
  • Click + Add application
    • Choose On-premises MDM application
    • Set a given name to the application (e.g. Silverback)
    • Click Add
  • Wait until Silverback application is added successfully
  • Click X to Close
  • Click Silverback
  • Set MDM User scope:
    • Choose “All” or
    • Choose “Some” and select “groups”
  • Change MDM terms of use URL to  e.g.
  • Change MDM discovery URL to e.g.
  • Click On-Premises MDM application settings
  • Open Properties
    • Open any Text Editor (e.g. Notepad++) you want.
    • Copy the Application ID to your Notepad++
    • Change App ID URI to e.g.
    • Upload a new logo (optional)
    • Click Save
  • Navigate to Required permissions
    • Click Windows Azure Active Directory
    • Select all permission 
    • Click save
    • Click Grant permissions
    • Click YesWindows 10_SB_02.png
  • Navigate to Keys
  • Enter into Key description e.g. Silverback (or use any name you want)
  • Set Expires to Never expires
  • Click Save
  • Copy the Value to your Notepad++:
  • Go to left panel and click on the Configure page Save      

Be aware: if you leave this page this Value will never be shown again, so it is a straight requirement to save this value somewhere

  • Now crosscheck all settings you made and changed so far.  Maybe you missed somewhere to save
  • Navigate Back to Azure Active Directory 
  • Go to Properties
    • Copy your Directory ID to Notepad++
  • Now you should noticed the Application ID, Key Value and Directory ID

Windows 10_SB_06.png

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