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Object Relation Grid

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Object Relation Grid is designed to manage relations between Configuration Item objects. 




Complex object which reflects the changes of data relations. Due to possibility to deal with huge amount of the related objects, the Value does not keep the array of all related objects, but only list of affected changes in current session. 

AddedRelations:['{id1}, {id2}'],

The data on the grid are loaded based on the Data Definition Relation definition, but the changes like adding or removing items are reflected in Value. On submitting the From with Relation Grid, only appropriate actions are executed, what solves also the problem with concurrent editing of relations.

Use Case 1: Dynamically add data to Object Relation Grid

In case you are creating a Dialog for editing, and want on object creation automatically pre-fill the relations in Object Relation Grid, depending on some current context, e.g. current user, or some interactive input.

The example shows how to add dynamically to Related Incidents all the Incidents of the user defined as initiator.

  1. Create a Data Source which obtains all the related incidents depending of specified Initiator (InitiatorIncidents)
  2. Define the special logic for the property which keeps data of the target relation (Incident.ChildActivities) to get data from the InitiatorIncidents data source.


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