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UEM Service Update Guide

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Installing the UEM Service

  1. Please download the latest package of UEM Service for Empirum from Marketplace at Matrix42 UEM Service for Empirum.
  2. Unzip the archive and move the files to the server.
  3. Merge the folder PackageStore with your package store directory on your Empirum Master Server (\Empirum\Configurator\Packages\PackageStore).
  1. Import the software package Matrix42 UEM Service 1.x into your Software Depot via the Empirum Management Console > Configuration > Depot > Rightclick on Registers > Import/Export > Import Package.
  2. Complete wizard. A new version of the package is now available in Empirum.
  3. Navigate to Management > Administration.
  4. Right-click on the old version of the package > Distribution Commands…, check the Uninstall box and click OK.
  5. Assign the new package Matrix42 UEM Service 1.x (located in Software Package folder Empirum) to a computer with the role Empirum Depot Server or Empirum Master Server (to check the role: right-click on the corresponding server > General > Computer Role).
  6. Activate the server with the assigned UEM Service package. The new version will keep using the variables as previously set.
  7. After the new package has been installed on the server you can remove the old package from the corresponding group.


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