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Will an update switch all workflows to be executed by the new Worker Technology automatically?

Will an update switch all workflows to be executed by the new Worker Technology automatically? 


No. Matrix42 will not change the AppFabric-based Workflow Engine to use the new Worker Technology instead automatically. 

A license is needed to enable the new Worker Technology. If this license is not present, the system will not change any behavior and continue to use Microsoft AppFabric to execute Workflows even if applicable Workflows are marked to default to the new Worker Technology. 

When updating to 10.0.2 or higher, the Worker Technology is activated in Settings as the default Workflow Engine. Those settings are only visible if a valid license to enable the new Worker Technology is installed and activated. 

For customers who do have a valid license enabling the new Worker Technology installed, all Workflows that are marked as "Execute on Worker”, will be executed using the new Workflow Execution Engine based on the Matrix42 Worker Technology instead of Microsoft AppFabric. Workflows that are not compatible will continue to execute using Microsoft AppFabric. 
Switching the execution engine for custom workflows that are not shipped out-of-the-box by Matrix42 is a manual task which needs to be done by the administrator. 

Without a license installed and activated enabling the new Worker Technology, all workflows will be executed using AppFabric Workflow Engine even if the settings indicate that a Workflow defaults to the new Worker Technology. This setting only takes effect if a valid license enables the new Worker Technology. If there’s no valid license present to enable the new Worker Technology, the system will behave as before and keeps using Microsoft AppFabric for Workflow execution. 

However, we recommend upgrading to the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP) to leverage the new Worker Technology, which empowers scaling, is easier to troubleshoot, and much more stable than Microsoft AppFabric. 

If you require further assistance, please get in touch with your Matrix42 Professional Service and Support Partner or the Matrix42 Support. 

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