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Who is providing support for my Extension?

A detailed answer to this question can be found in our article on how to publish Extensions.

If and how your published Extension is supported by the Matrix42 AG depends on your vendors partner status:

  • No Matrix42 Certified Partner Status: All of your published Extensions will be marked as a 'Community' Release and are not supported by the Matrix42 AG. This fact will be made transparent to the end-user once installing this Extension version.
  • Matrix42 Certified Partner Status: You can decide to either publish your Extensions as a 'Community' Release or not (which will result in a 'Certified Partner' Release). Only Extension versions marked as 'Certified Partner' Release are supported by the Matrix42 AG. (See the support agreement of your Matrix42 Partner contract)

Once an Extension version is published as a Certified Partner Release you cannot downgrade to a Community Release.

  • Packages published by Matrix42 AG itself: Extensions which are marked as a 'Matrix42' Release are of course directly supported by the Matrix42 AG. Extensions which are published by the Matrix42 AG but are marked as a 'Community' Release are not supported by the Matrix42 AG.

All mentioned tags are visualized as shown in below table

Tag Meaning
clipboard_e07df2862d31fb728faef1ba8e0159b85.png Community Extension which is not supported by Matrix42
clipboard_e73da93a7cb4475fd1c575b243b82a288.png Extension of Certified Parnter
clipboard_e2082f72014f1967ee53573769075effb.png Extension provided by Matrix42 AG

We are already working on a solution to get in touch with the Extension responsible directly at the Extension.

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