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Why using Filter Expression is unsafe?

Filter Expression property is marked as unsafe in the Layout Designer if it is configured to directly refer to the Data Model value, for instance:

You can ignore the "unsafe" warning and keep using the dynamic Filter Expression as is, however, this approach is not recommended as this option works only for Layouts accessible only by Administrators.  For other Layouts, the Parametrized Filter Expression configuration was introduced in DWP v.12.0.3.  

Filter Expression property can be marked as unsafe in the following controls of the system:

These controls are identified by the System Diagnostic rules that suggest manually migrating the layouts to use the Parametrized Filter Expession. Such layouts must be migrated manually till the update to version 12.0.4. 

For more details on how to migrate and configure controls that are marked as unsafe, see Generic Data Access REST API: Parametrized Filter Expression section.

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