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Manage Categories


The Workflow Categories search page lists all the available workflow categories and provides the search criteria - Name, Parent Category, Number of Components, Description, and others - for filtering them. Click the name of the column, e.g. Name or Parent Category, to filter the grid by this column, A-Z; click it again to filter the grid by this column Z-A.


The grid layout displays the following information:

  • Name of the workflow category
  • Parent Category of the workflow category
  • Hidden (Yes/No)
  • Components (number of assigned workflows, templates, and components)
  • Description 

Object Details: when a workflow category is selected, the following information is displayed:

  • Name of the workflow category
  • Parent Category of the workflow category
  • Hidden (Yes/No)
  • Repository Object

Configuration Item - Repository Component Category

The properties dialog of a Repository Component Category displays information that is required for a workflow category. The administrator can edit the existing categories, create new categories, or delete old categories. The dialog also shows the Repository objects inside this category.


General Dialog Page

Name Display name of the category which will be used on the corresponding search pages of Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management and in the Workflow Studio Repository.
Parent Category Next-higher category.
Icon Icon which will be displayed on the search pages and in the Workflow Studio Repository.
Hidden This option defines whether the category is hidden from view.
Description Detailed description of the category.

Repository Objects

All workflows, workflow templates, components, and workflow activities where the activity will be used, with the Display Name column.



Double-click a workflow category to open the properties dialog of the Repository Component Category configuration item and directly edit the properties.

Add Repository Component Category

The Add Repository Component Category action opens a properties dialog for a new workflow category with empty attributes.


The Delete action performs the delete operation of one or more selected workflow categories. During the performance, the system checks if deletion is possible (only if the category has a Custom protection level) and asks for a simple confirmation. The category will then be deleted and existing references to objects will be moved to the corresponding parent category.

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