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Delivered Activities


Matrix42 provides a list of workflow activities that can be used for authoring workflows. You can also add new activities under Administration > Services & Processes > Workflows > Workflow Activities.

Activities are the unit of work in a workflow program. The delivered activities are organized in categories according to their purpose:

Category Description

A set of basic workflow activities grouped by sub-categories:

  • Collection: used to work with collection objects in a workflow;
  • Control flow: includes procedural activities and provide a mechanism to model sequential control flow using concepts you know from standard procedural languages like C# or VB like if, assign, while, etc. Such activities include the basic building blocks to represent sequential behavior
  • Flowchart: an intuitive paradigm to visually represent business processes;
  • Error handling: activities implementing error handling (exceptions) and recovery;
  • Messaging: allow workflows to send and receive messages;
  • Primitives: activities that provide a convenient mechanism for performing common tasks;
  • Runtime: activities for accessing the features of the workflow runtime, such as persistence and termination;
  • Transaction:  activities for modeling transactions, compensation, and cancellation. These programming models allow the workflow to continue forward progress in the event of changes in business logic and error handling. 
  • etc.
Empirum computer and computer groups management workflow activities
General activities intended for fulfilling general Workspace Management tasks, like accessing and modifying the data in Production database, or sending emails.
Integration workflow activities that are used specifically for integrating with other systems. They retrieve data from integrated systems and provide the synchronization between Matrix42 Workspace Management and these systems.
Service Catalog workflow activities related to the Service Catalog application: order data, provisioning, service approval.
Service Desk workflow activities related to the Service Desk application: change management activities and journal entries.
VMware workflow activities for virtual machines management