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Workaround for Changing the Variable Scope


If you have installed Matrix42 Workflow Management 2015 Update 2 (Feature Pack 8.0.2) or later, you might encounter an issue with the variable scope in Workflow Studio. Currently it is not possible to change the scope of a variable in the Variables tabulator in the Workflow Studio Editor menu. 


The issue has been caused by upgrading the Actipro WPF Controls to the latest version. It cannot be easily fixed and requires deeper investigation. Matrix42 AG is committed to solving this issue as part of the continuous improvement process. Currently a workaround can be used to change the scope of a variable.


To alter the scope of an already created variable:

  1. Open and check out the relevant workflow in Workflow Studio.
  2. In the Editor menu, click the Variables button. The Variables tabulator is displayed.
  3. Click the relevant variable in the list of workflow variables.
  4. In the Editor menu, click the Properties button. The Properties pane opens.
  5. Edit the Scope property by selecting a value from the drop-down field. This selection will be displayed in the Variables tabulator as well.
  6. Use Save or Check In to commit your changes or continue editing the workflow.

This way you can change the scope of any variable in a workflow.

You can also view the video tutorial for this workaround:

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