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The uninstallation procedure is mostly automatic. You only need to manually delete the databases and some files in the installation folder.

Uninstallation Process

  1. Log on to the application server.
  2. Click Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features. The programs that are installed on the application server are listed.
  3. Select and right-click Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management, and click Uninstall/Change and follow the instructions of the Configuration Wizard.
  4. Click Uninstall:
  5.  Launch the uninstallation process:
  6. The wizard automatically removes the web application and related services. The databases are retained.
  7. On the application server, remove the remaining files from the installation folder in Matrix42\.
  8. Delete the databases manually, if necessary:
    • Database Engine Server Type: by default, all data is stored in M42Production, M42Archive, M42WareHouse, M42InstanceStore, and M42Monitoring databases.
    • Analysis Services Server Type: by default, all data is stored in M42AnalysisServices database.
      On your database server, open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, choose the necessary server type, right-click the database name and click Delete.

Re-installing Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management on the same server with the same set of default database names may cause an error. Consider removing existing databases manually before running an installation or providing new names for the databases during the new installation of the Matrix42 solution.

Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management is fully uninstalled. 

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