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Preparations and Compatibility

Deployment Scenario

Sizing and High-Availability

Before you install Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management, you should decide whether to deploy all system components on one server (all-in-one installation) or on more than one server (distributed installation). Please refer to sizing recommendations.

If you want to use a high-availability cluster for fail-safe operation, please contact us so that we can plan the most suitable variant for your needs.

Specific Topics

In "All-in-one" environments the setup detects the configuration settings automatically during the installation. User input is usually not required, but you can make manual changes, if necessary.

  • The service account is added to the <Servername>\AS_Administrators group.
    This group is created automatically during the installation of AppFabric.
  • If you want to use another group, please ensure that:
    • The new group exists
    • The service account has been added manually to this group

On distributed environments the setup routine cannot detect all necessary configuration settings during the installation. Therefore you have to specify some settings manually.

  • Create a new group (e.g., AS_Administrators) in Active Directory or use any existing group (domain group).
  • Ensure that the service account is a member of this group.
  • The installation wizard will detect that this is not an all-in-one environment and the Run AppFabric with Matrix42 Service Account checkbox will be selected accordingly. The Global Group members should have the rights to Log on as a service both on the Web server and on the database server.
  • Domain and group should be added manually. Please note (same as above) that:
    • The new group must exist;
    • Service user must be added manually to this group.

In both cases, the installation wizard will check whether the prerequisites are fulfilled. If the prerequisites are not fulfilled, an alert will be displayed. You may continue the installation after this alert, but many workflow-based features will not work properly. For this reason, we strongly recommend to abort the setup and provide all prerequisites!

It is possible to change configuration at any time after the installation. Run Matrix42 / Configuration Wizard from the Start-Menu on the application server. 


In cases when Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management is operated together with other Matrix42 products, we ensure compatibility between all supported product versions as described in Matrix42 Product Usage Guideline. You can download this document at:

Please review the release note document of the product version you are deploying to check compatibility with third-party software (e.g. Server Operating System, Database Server). You can download this document on Matrix42 Marketplace

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